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Holzinger Kennels Training - Junior High
Holzinger Kennels Training - Junior HighThe Junior High portion of our training program emphasizes off leash and basic field obedience.  This section takes between 21 - 35 days, with most dogs completing it successfully within four weeks on average.  Kindergarten and Grade School training are a prerequisite before starting this section.  In this section, we work on:
  • heeling
  • recall from long distances
  • stopping (sit or whoa) while coming in or going from handler
  • coming around into heel position
  • sit or whoa while handler is walking around both close and far away from dog
  • recall on fly away or missed birds
  • quartering in field
  • recall from and/or heeling past distractions
  • pointers holding point until handler flushes bird
  • retrievers - some water work

With added training time, we may also work on:

  • down (lay down)
  • sit steady on both land and water while shooting birds
  • retrieves - in and out of boat, duck blind and dock
  • whistle recall and quartering
  • retrieve through decoys
  • working running birds, pointer and retriever
  • kenneling (kennel and vehicle)
  • start force retrieve

All work is done off leash and working with a natural retrieve in the field.  Commands used are:

  • heel
  • here (for come)
  • sit or whoa
  • good dog
  • o.k. (release for fun time)
  • mark (look for incoming birds)
  • dog's name (to release for retrieve - water dogs)

The main objective for this portion of the program is to teach basic commands off leash in the yard and in the field while hunting around distractions.  Completion of this level is necessary before finishing retrieve commands in the yard and in the field at the next level, High School (putting it all together).


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Holzinger Kennels - Professional Gun Dog Specialist